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About Us


Tina Wagner first became interested in Pilates back in the 90s and was intrigued by the method that Joseph Pilates called "Contrology" the complete coordination of mind, body and spirit. Through her own practice Tina has seen the benefits first hand, beginning years ago utilizing Pilates as the primary post-surgery rehab for her knee.

As a classical Pilates instructor, Tina’s warm, inviting personality puts even the first-time client at ease. Her deep understanding of body mechanics and movement gives her the ability to teach clients ranging from marathon runners to those dealing with Scoliosis and MS. Tina continues learning by taking continuing education courses in order to better help clients empower themselves through Pilates. Her passion for Pilates translates through her teaching style with a sincere desire to provide each client with a personalized, challenging but fun workout. Your should walk away from your workout feeling strong and invigorated.


-          Owner of Purely Pilates established 2006

-          Pilates Instructor Certification from Michael Miller Pilates in 2001 

-     Pilates Instructor Certification from the Pilates Center of Austin "Core  Connections" Program (PCA)

-     Member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)

-          Yamuna® Body Logic Practitioner – Body Logic creates space between muscle and bone, allowing the body’s perfect circuitry to fire in logical and correct order. This, in turn, allows the body as a whole to perform optimally.

-          Certification in Yamuna Body Rolling

-          Tina considers herself a life-long student, always open to learning new things to enhance her teaching including  





       ‘The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The great teacher inspires.’
- William Arthur Ward







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