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Patient Treatments

Physician Referrals

Patient Treatments

Tina personally consults with each client prior to their first session and customizes a complete Pilates program to meet their needs specifically. She modifies exercises to accommodate for any injury, imbalance or weak area of the body.


Pilates improves muscle imbalance, core strength, range of motion and flexibility. Thus, it benefits our clients with a variety of issues including:

-          Post-surgery breast cancer rehab therapy

-          Multiple Sclerosis

-          Fibromyalgia

-          Diabetes

-          Vertigo

-          Pregnancy – staying in shape through the entire term and eases delivery

-          Plantar Fasciitis

-          Neck injuries

-          Rotator cuff and shoulder injuries

-          Back issues:

o   Herniation

o   Bulging disks

o   Spasms

o   Stenosis

o   Scoliosis

-          Sciatica

-          Knee injuries and post-surgery rehab

-          Hip replacement

-          Ankle injuries

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